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At Mirach Textile, we place great importance on social responsibility projects. To contribute to our community and raise awareness, we support various campaigns and donations. Here are some of the projects we have undertaken:

Back to School Campaign

With every purchase you make, we have donated to TEGV (Turkish Education Volunteers Foundation). We aim to ensure equal opportunities in education and contribute to a better future for our children. The Back to School campaign is designed to support our children's education.

Forest Fire Fighting Efforts

In response to forest fires in our country, we have made donations to TEMA Foundation for reforestation efforts in affected areas. We are committed to preserving our environment and leaving a greener world for future generations. Through forest fire and reforestation projects, we contribute to nature conservation.

Animal Protection Day

On October 4th, in honor of Animal Protection Day, we made donations to HAYTAP based on orders placed through our website. We supported this important project to advocate for animal rights and improve living conditions for animals. Animal Protection Day aims to advocate for animal rights.



Feeding Stray Animals

We understand that feeding and helping stray animals is crucial. Whenever possible, we feed stray animals and provide veterinary support when necessary. We support stray animals through feeding and veterinary assistance.

International Day of the Girl Child

On October 11th, International Day of the Girl Child, we made donations to Darüşşafaka to provide a better future for our girls. By contributing to their education and development, we support them in becoming strong and independent individuals. International Day of the Girl Child is a day dedicated to supporting girls.


Combatting Violence Against Women

On November 25th, International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, we made donations to Mor Çatı to support women who have experienced violence. We stand alongside them in their fight for a safe and secure life. Combatting violence against women is our way of supporting women in need.

Portable Shelters for Stray Animals

During cold winter days, we left portable shelters on the streets for stray animals shivering in the cold. We do our best to meet their sheltering needs and help them survive under harsh conditions. Portable shelters for stray animals protect them during winter.


Campaign for SMA Patient Baby Güney

We launched a campaign for SMA patient Baby Güney. For every purchase made on our website with a review of our products, we made donations on behalf of the customers, and Baby Güney is now cured. We take pride in supporting such health projects. We organized a fundraising campaign for SMA patient Baby Güney.

At Mirach Textile, we will continue to contribute to our community through our social responsibility projects. With the support of our valued customers, we aim to undertake even bigger and more meaningful projects. Contact us for more information about our social responsibility projects.

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