Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How are shipping costs determined?

    Shipping costs at Mirach Textile vary depending on the country and the chosen shipping carrier. Please check your cart for accurate shipping fees and options.

  2. Which payment methods do you accept?

    You can pay using debit or credit cards.

  3. When are orders shipped and how long does delivery take?

    Orders are typically shipped within 3 business days after processing with the selected shipping carrier. Delivery times vary depending on the country and the chosen shipping carrier.

  4. How is account security ensured?

    Mirach Textile ensures the security of customer information using an SSL certificate. All payment transactions are conducted in a secure environment.

  5. How can I stay informed about promotions and discounts?

    To stay informed about new promotions and discounts, you can subscribe to our newsletter or follow our social media accounts.

  6. How can I contact customer service?

    You can reach our customer service via WhatsApp at +90 530 314 0528 or through other contact methods.

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